Well, here we can start with Michel Haché-de-Gallant – first Acadian settler of Prince Edward Island from whom we are descended.

When the English kicked the French out of Canada, he went north up to PEI settling in an abandoned English fort (Fort Amherst actually, and it’s a complete fluke that I live in Amherst MA now) and he made a living as a rum runner in the port of Charlottetown.

My dad, Leo Philippe Gallant, was honored to be chosen as the American representative of the Gallants to speak at the monument dedication. He had seven sons as did Michel was why they chose him.

I’ll try here to do justice to the progeniture which began with his life with Yvonne Dolbec, the love of his life, and my mother. Here’s a radio interview clip of her speaking of herself and especially her work toward La Survivance.

radio interview

Then we’ll branch out to so many other lines of the descendance and the heritage.