Outside Insights

“What do you know as a hawk that you don’t know as Arthur? Think!” Merlyn

Become a Visionary, and develop your skills to see your communities and your services from different perspectives!

The nurturance I offer is as a Visionary, helping people see a bigger picture to discover repositioning opportunities giving people more control of their lives.

For example, moving from “meal sites” to Dining Sites and, rather than ‘serving elders’, giving elders the role of serving each other and managing the Dining Site. Or, developing an alternative currency to lift the agency from charity status to independence. And, introducing a membership program giving constituents input to agency and policy issues.

My long years of involvement in social causes have given me familiarity with services and advocacy related to deafness, broad communication disorders, intellectual disabilities, elder services, intergenerational programming, and mental illness.

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Let me know what changes you’re dreaming of and we can start a dialogue –

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